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The Benefits Of CBD Oil For Athletes

With the mounting new acceptance of cannabis and cannabis-related products, more and more research is emerging to provide concrete proof and information that proves the medical benefits of cannabis products, especially things like Cannabidiol, also known as CBD oil.

Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive property that is found in cannabis plants, and it is the key ingredient for the medicinal properties of cannabis. While you can find CBD in flower or bud form, the most practical and common use for this is in tinctures and CBD oil capsules.

As an athlete, your body is subjected to high impact, wear and tear, injury, and fatigue. At the end of a long event, or a long day of training and practice, you will feel these effects at large, and it may impact your performance thereafter.

Here we will discuss the medical benefits associated with CBD, the best applications, as well as how it can and will help you perform your very best from game-time, to recovery!

What Are the Medical Benefits of CBD Oil?

When you think of cannabis products, your mind may immediately picture being intoxicated or loopy, which doesn’t seem very effective for athletic purposes. Rest assured, our CBD oil capsules and tinctures do not contain any THC (the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana) so they will not get you high, and it is completely legal.

What it does offer, though, is an extensive list of medical uses that any athlete can benefit from. Here are just some of the many benefits CBD offers, specifically for athletes, as well as a comparison to OTC medications and why this natural method is better.

CBD Helps With Inflammation

One of the biggest issues athletes face on a daily basis is inflammation. CBD oil acts as an anti-inflammatory which is a great way to prevent joint injury during physical activity, as well as reduce any pain from swelling. CBD topical creams are a great alternative to things like lidocaine or bengay.

Pain Relief

While OTC painkillers are proven to mask most pain completely, they can put you in a fog, as well as give you a false sense of ability when you are injured or in pain. CBD is a much clearer way to combat the pain, and won’t put your brain into a fog.

Reduce Game-Day Stress and Anxiety

Sometimes no matter how long and hard we train, we still get a little nervous before a big game or event. One of the best benefits that you can get from CBD oil is some relief from performance anxiety.

CBD is notorious for its anti-depressant/anxiolytic properties, many patients with anxiety disorders or depressive disorders have turned away from harmful and habit-forming anti-depressants like Zoloft, Xanax, and Prozac and turned to the non-habit forming and all natural CBD oil.

Faster Recovery Time

Sometimes hurting yourself is just inevitable. Instead of turning to OTC painkillers like Vicodin, Percoset, or Methadone, which only help with pain, you can combat pain as well as speed up your recovery time with CBD products.

Not sold on the healing properties of CBD yet? Keep this in mind: CBD has been proven to treat and heal all sorts of medical diagnoses, from seizures to degenerative diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, and even has treated and cured different forms of cancer. If it can heal you from disease, it can and will heal you from any injury that you sustain.

CBD is truly the healing cannabinoid, and it will help you get back into the game much faster than any OTC medication will. Not to mention, it is all natural and from the earth, rather than concocted in a lab.

CBD Oil and Head Injuries

New research has recently surfaced regarding CBD and it’s medicinal benefit to head injuries. In a three-year study, researchers found that out of 446 patients who had suffered from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) about 97% of those who had previously used cannabis prior to the event survived the TBI.

Comparatively, 88% of those patients who did not previously use cannabis survived the TBI. There is also evidence that proves that using cannabis products such as CBD oil not only helps treat brain injury, but it actually helps protect the brain from suffering an injury at all.

For athletes that are subject to hits and blows to the head such as football players, hockey players, and gymnasts, CBD oil could mean the difference between a severe concussion, and just a foggy head for a while.

CBD is Great For Your Immune System

There is nothing worse than training and practicing for an event for months or even years, and then right before it’s time to perform or the big game is about to start, you get sick. CBD oil will help you with that because it boosts your immune system.

Not only will the be helpful for the big game or event, it will also help you stay healthy while your training, especially during the winter months where you are more likely to get ill. The reason for this is because CBD is high in antioxidants, which helps lower your risk for infection, and is also great for your heart health.

It Can Help You Control Your Appetite and Weight

CBD works great for curbing your appetite and helping you take control of your weight. As an athlete, half of the battle is putting the best foods into your body to increase your longevity and performance. If you are struggling to stick to that specific diet, or want to cut a healthy amount of weight before an event, CBD products can help.

This is surprising to many, as marijuana and cannabis products are typically associated with excessive eating or the “munchies.” That craving to eat is actually only associated with the THC in weed. CBD doesn’t give you that and has actually been proven to do the opposite.

Not only does it slow your appetite, it also keeps you feeling full for longer, which is great for that diet you’ve been trying to help you get ready for a big event. It has also been found to improve insulin function, which is also a contributor to feeling great after you eat, and not overeating.

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