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No doubt there has not been enough studies done on CBD and Alzheimer’s Disease, but this information proves very interesting, indeed! We need to have more testing and studies conducted, clearly. But, for now, this is what has been discovered most recently:

Previous studies have indicated that CBD might offer some level of relief from the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease because of its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects. However, since Alzheimer’s has yet to allow us to find means to reverse the effects of this degenerative disease, concrete improvements in peoples’ conditions have been difficult to make. But, now, for the first time ever, scientists in the Land Down Under have looked at what benefits long term oral application of CBD might have on Alzeheimers. They have uncovered that it improves social recognition in mice afflicted with the condition.

Here’s an excerpt from a previous report:

“One of the most dramatic and disturbing symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease is the loss of social recognition; many patients fail to recognize even their own children. Seemingly irreversible changes happen in the brain when a person gets Alzheimer’s, making treatment of the disease very difficult. CBD had previously been shown to offer some help as a neural antioxidant in preclinical trials on mice, but without real improvement in their mental state. By using special transgenic mice breed to succumb to the disease, scientists were able to analyze the effects of what preventative CBD treatment does, and the results were impressive. Mice that took 20 mg/kg of CBD (equivalent to almost a gram and a half for someone of average weight) every day before showing symptoms of Alzheimer’s didn’t develop social recognition deficits, even in the middle of full-fledged Alzheimer’s disease. While some other symptoms were still present, the mice generally had better cognition if they took CBD for long periods of time. The scientists think that “this prevention may be linked to CBD-induced retention of dietary phytosterols or neuroinflammatory processes in the brain” of mice with the disease.”

The importance of this study is two fold, albeit, nothing earth shattering yet. But, first, with the advancement of genome study which is occurring rapidly, scientists and doctors may be able to determine who is at risk for developing Alzheimers, and begin administering CBD prior to it’s development. Secondly, for anyone who has a fear of developing it, that person can certainly begin taking CBD for Alzheimers now in an attempt to prevent it’s development.

Again, obviously, there is still MUCH research to be done on CBD and Alzheimer’s Disease. But, it is most exciting to get concrete evidence that this extract from hemp and marijuana is having some degree of positive effects on this condition.

If you want to read offline, please download PDF File below:

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