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The medical marijuana contains a component called cannabidiol that provides surprising medical benefits. In fact, the majority of the peer-reviewed studies about medical marijuana yielded positive results in treating Parkinson’s disease to breast cancer. If the governing law would allow the legalization of the medical marijuana, it could decrease the number of people suffering from breast cancer.

So, what is cannabis oil and how can it help women with breast cancer?

Cannabis Hemp Oil for Cancer

Hemp Oil for Cancer refers to the sticky and thick substance that is extracted from the cannabis indica. To have cannabis oil, the resins are extracted from the flowers in an extraction process. It is one of the most concentrated cannabis products. Similar to marijuana, the cannabis oil has two main ingredients namely the cannabidiol (CBD) and the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This high-quality cannabis oil is used in treating breast cancer and other death-causing diseases.

How can it help?

Consider the following factors of Cannabis oil that treats breast cancer.

  1. It contains a gene called Id-1

A recent study revealed that the CBD and hemp oil gene Id-1 within. The Id-1 is the one that triggers the process that spreads the cells from the breast tumor towards the other parts of the human body. A Spanish expert, Manuel Guzman said that the CBD is true hope in treating the metastatic breast cancer. The impact of the CBD on metastasis genes are still being studied, but the CBD has potential in relieving the pain of a woman suffering from breast cancer.

  1. It combats symptoms related to cancer

Anorexia nervosa, nausea, vomiting, and intense pain are just one of the symptoms of breast cancer. The CBD can combat and ease the pain of the patient. It is tolerable, and the side-effects are short-lived compared to the intense pain that seems to grow stronger every minute. Aside from that, preclinical data revealed that cannabinoids could be utilized effectively in avoiding the chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy. It imparts in activities to prevent tumor.

  1. It provides relief from chronic pain

As what we’ve mentioned above, it had been proven that CBD has components that help in combating chronic pain from breast cancer and the like. It reduces the level of pain and also avoids the degeneration of the nervous system. Aside from that, Canada has approved it as an official treatment for cancer pain, breast cancer, and sclerosis. It’s an ideal option should the patient wishes to prevent opioids.

  1. It eases the inflammation

For breast cancer patients, maintaining a healthy lifestyle if empirical to survive the tumor and be cancer-free. However, to optimize the nutrient-based diet and avoid chronic inflammation, the CBD can help. Research revealed that the CBD oil is most effective in combating chronic inflammation caused by cancer cells.

  1. It reduces oxidative stress

Oxidative stress is also responsible for breast cancer. It refers to the condition where the body can no long neutralize the free radicals with antioxidants. It is a huge problem because the environment is no longer safe and toxin-free to live in. A recent study in 2010 showed that CBD contains neuroprotective qualities. Hence, it can reduce the damage that the free radicals can cause.

These are just some of the medical benefits the CBD can provide to breast cancer patients. Over the past few years, the CBD oil has been used in treating breast cancer, and the advancement of medical research showed that CBD is indeed, an effective treatment for breast cancer. It provides hope for women who suffered a lot with this disease.

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